Star Stitch

October 12, 2009

I have learned a new knitting stitch. In the pattern I am using it’s called a Star stitch but I have also seen it called a Daisy stitch. I am making a scarf from a neutral (cream to brown to black) textured yarn. I thought the stitch looked really cool until I actually learned how to make it. You have to purl 3 together then leave the stitches on the left needle, wrap the yarn around the other needle then purl 3 together again! OMG it is horrible. My hands hurt so bad after the first night I did it I couldn’t work on it the next day. I actually had cramps in my wrists and hands. So I tried to work on it some more this weekend and I started to get a blister on my index finger from struggling to push the need through the 10 million yarns you have accumulated by the last part of the stitch.

I got upset with it and tried to avoid working on it on Friday. I ended up finishing all the loose ends (pun intended) I have not gotten around to doing. I put my signature half R’s on all of the finished projects I have. My cousin Iris sent me a message asking me if I was going to put them on all of my things and Shawn has been bugging me to put them on his hats. So I finally got them all on.

Then I actually finished my camera sweater. That was something else I have been avoiding. Since it is made out of bamboo, it ended up stretching out REALLY bad after putting my camera in it for a few days. It stretched out so bad the camera was actually falling out of it. I was so pissed off at it that I thought Iwas going to have to either re-seam the edges so it would be smaller or try to block it to shrink it or else just rip it up and start over. After reading about blocking bamboo I decided that was not going to be an option. (That and I don’t have an iron…) Apparently it doesn’t shrink. It only grows, and grows and grows. Then I read a really great blog about lining hats. It said you can change the shape and size of a knit hat by lining it either smaller or larger. You just sew the hat to the size lining you want and it changes the shape. So I thought I would try it with the camera sweater. I got a sewing machine for FREE! last month from some really nice lady on freecycle. But she said the tension wasn’t working right. So I have been avoiding it too. I took it over to my parent’s house on Friday and my dad looked at it. I guess the foot that feeds the fabric through as you sew wasn’t working. Also the bobbins were screwed up. And the tension wasn’t right. After a couple hours, he got it working. Now I can start an even bigger amount of unrealistic craft projects. So I seamed the microfiber lining with my new sewing machine. Then I pulled the knitting tight around the microfiber and stitched it together by hand. By the time I got all the way around the top, it had pulled the edges in enough that the fit was perfect! I was so happy. I seriously thought I was never going to get that stupid bag to fit my camera.

So yesterday, with all my project to-do’s finished I had no more excuses not to work on the scarf. Once I got going on it, it actually started to go better. I am getting the hang of the stitch and am now catching the yarn the first or second time I pull it through, not the like before where it was taking four or five times. With my frustration level down and the stitches being made easier and faster I actually got about a foot done last night. I am almost half way done. Also it is using a lot less yarn than I was expecting.

I want to make a matching hat a mittens because even though it is frustrating, I really really like the way the stitch looks. I wasn’t able to find any patterns I liked that used the star stitch. I found one hat that used it but it also had rows of another stitch and the top part was done with stockinette stitch. I didn’t like it. So, I think I am going to make my first pattern. I know what I want to do with the hat, that should be easy. But I’ve never made mittens before so I will probably need to make a pair first so I can understand the process and the patterns a little better. Then I will make a pair of mittens with the top of the hand with star stitch and the palm something else (probably just stockingette). I want to do all of them with the same yarn as the scarf. Wow, I will have something that coordinates for the first time in my life!

I also decided last night that I want to line the scarf. It seems to be a little on the thin side. Plus, it’s not outright itchy but I know the neck can be more sensitive than other places and the yarn I’m using is not the softest stuff in the world. I found some “furry fleece” at JoAnn’s that looks like it would be good. I don’t think there were very many colors so I might just use regular fleece. I should be done with this thing by the end of the week. Just in time for the cold weather! I definitely need some warm wear things. I was trying to scrape the ice off the truck on Saturday and I really could have used some mittens. And a scarf!


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