Big Business, BABY!

October 14, 2009

I made a niffty little sweater for my disposable coffee cups. (I like to get coffee at 7-Eleven and if I’m ballin’ maybe Starbucks.) I used some of the leftover purple yarn I had and I tried a cool-looking cable pattern. It was the first time I have ever attempted a cable AND it was knitted in the round using dpns. Wow. I thought it might be kind of complicated and actually the first couple rounds were difficult on the dpns. But once I got a decent start to hold the needles together it went just fine. Also the cable pattern was relatively simple. There was just one cable, the back was ribbed, that had a twist at the bottome and a twist at the top. Easy enough. It turned out really cool.

My Fabulous Coffee Sweater

My Fabulous Coffee Sweater

The coolest part of it is though, is that I think I’m going to talk to the owner of the local coffee shop and see if she will let me sell them there. (Don’t worry anybody I will make up my own pattern – no illegal copyright violations!)  She sells a lot of crafts from local artists there. I have seen jewelry and hand-made soaps this past summer. I will have to make some more up to take in to show her. I am going to make about 5 different ones with all different colors/patterns. I just got a book back from my mom that I had when I was young that was a needlework guide. I was using it for embroidery but it actually has a ton on knitting. It has some great stitches that I want to try in different combos. I have some in mind that I think will be cool.

Maybe I’ll conquer my last knitting frontier – color work. I would like to make a least one with a snowflake pattern (blue background, white snowflake). I downloaded a really cool, free program that is supposed to be used for crosstitch. It lets you lay out patterns and colors on a grid. But I like to use it for my knitting patterns. I used it to come up with a color pattern for Devon’s tesselating fish blanket. It works well, you just have to think of the squares as knit stitches, not cross stitches. *Side note – In that book I just got it had a picture that showed that you can cross stitch over the knit stitches. I think it actually looks better that way because it creates little squares instead of the little v’s duplicate stitch makes. I’ve also seen a lot of examples of people embroidering, needle felting and doing other things to embellish their knitting.

I also need to come up with some catchy names for this doohicky. So far I have come up with – Coffee Cozy, Coffee Sweater, Cappucino Coat, Mug Muff, Latte Liner, Kup Keeper, Com-fee Grip (thanks Shawn). I want one with tea in the name but I can’t think of anything right now.

Also, I found a pattern that goes around a regular coffee mug. It is adjustable, with a couple buttons at the end that attach through the handle of the mug. Since it is adjustable, you can use it on ALL of you coffee mugs. I think I’ll take a couple of those in also.

I also want to start selling glasses cases at my dad’s optometry office. I found a really cute pattern for a glasses “holder. It looks like a little head. The bridge goes over the head’s nose and the arms go over the ears. You’re supposed to set it somewhere, like by your bed or bathroom, where you take you glasses off so they will be safe. You can make the heads look like anything you want, muppets, monkeys, funny faces, etc. Also I will make little pouch-type things like the ones that come with Oakleys that you can slip your glasses or shades into. I asked dad about it the other night and he said that he didn’t mind it I used his office as a store front.


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