Re-purposed Aquarium

October 23, 2009

Kamikazee is dead. I don’t know what killed him but he died last week. I don’t know if it was something I fed him or if it was the temperature in his cage. I just recently added a black night heat lamp that I wasn’t using before. I was worried with the weather getting colder and having moved his cage under a window that he would be too cold. I put a thermometer in his cage and the temperature was like 110 degrees when he died. I may have fried him! So he wasn’t moving and sometimes that happens so I wasn’t too worried. Then two days went by and his eyes sunk into his head. Then he was bleeding from his eye. Yes, definitely dead. I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of the body so I made Shawn throw him away. Putting a lizard in the trash is the equivalent of flushing  a dead gold fish down the toilet. Somewhat irreverent, highly effective.

Now, I have an awesome, custom made shelf with two large EMPTY aquariums. I haven’t replaced Sid Fishious. I still need to get a lid for the 29 gallon fish tank. Pupek likes to jump inside it and play in it so I will definitely need something to keep her out. I also need to get a new hood with a light. I found a glass top at Petco for $15 that should work to cover it. I just need the light.

But what to do with the lizard cage? I think I’m going to make a terrarium! I’m not really ready to get another bearded dragon. Kazi was the most vicious terrifying dragon I have ever met. I was telling Shawn I think I get the strangest, most dysfunctional lizards ever. Stubby, the first beardie I ever had, only had three legs. Someone in his cage chewed his arm off when he was little. Since I was working at the reptile store and they can’t sell maimed animals, they were going to euthanize him. I felt bad and took him home. Out of all my beardies, he was definitely the most personable. He always liked to play with me and when he got excited, his little stub would spin around in circles. When I moved to California, I couldn’t take him with me so my sister took him. I’m not going to place blame and say she killed him. I will say he perished in her care.

The next beardie was Einstein. That was the most ironically named pet I have ever encountered. He was dumber than a doornail. Being a former class pet, he was used to being babyed. He would only eat if being hand fed. You had to dip your finger in apple sauce and hold it up to his mouth. Then you had to wait while he took his sweet time licking it off. He was so slow, he couldn’t even catch crickets. I would put them in his cage and he would try to catch them. He would stick out his tongue but he was so slow, he would totally miss them and get a tongue full of sand. I think he died of malnutrition. (Not suprising)

Then there was Kamikazee. I knew he was a pig when we first got him. The lady at Petsmart said he would eat most of the crickets that were put in the cage. When beardies are small, they put the whole litter in one cage and they create a dragon heirarchy. The big one gets the best, the little ones get nothing. He was obviously at the top of the chain but I had no idea of the horrible trait that got him there. When I first got him, he wasn’t too bad. I even remember I took him to work, since the Petsmart was next door and I got him on my lunch break, and he sat on a little log in the window until I went home. He must have been in shock from the move. When I got him home he started to get more aggressive. He would try to eat you through the glass. If you put your finger up to the cage, he would smash his head into the glass trying to bite you. If you actually put your finger IN the cage, well, you can imagine what would happen. Then as he got bigger, his bites got badder. When he started drawing blood, we quite trying to tame him. A couple times Shawn suggested we turn him in to the reptile store in our neighborhood but I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of him. I couldn’t understand why he was so aggressive. Apparently in the wild, the bearded dragons are so docile and friendly, you can actually pick them up and play with them. Not Kazi. So when he died Shawn was trying to make me feel better and reminded me that he was mean. He wasn’t my favorite beardie but I still felt bad.

So, since I can’t seem to get a decent bearded dragon (or a cat for that matter. I don’t want to go into the weird cat streak I’ve been having. Pupek finally ended that!) I am not going to replace him right now. Shawn doesn’t like snakes and I can’t afford any other lizards I would like to get. So, I am going to make a terrarium. Since we live in a north facing basement, it is impossible to grow plants. I think the UV light I had used for the lizards should work for growing plants. I am going to replace the substrate, and plant a plethora of succulents and exotic plants. I have some cool rocks I might throw in there and I think I will keep the grapewood driftlog that Kazi liked to sit on. I will finally get to stretch my green thumb again. Without the back yard area that only goes with the upstairs unit and no light to grow anything inside, I am definitely missing my botanical friends. I will update and post some pix when I am finished


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