Mom Hooked Me UP!

October 30, 2009

This weekend I went over to my mom’s house. I wanted Devon to help me make my Halloween costume. I am going to be a red lego. I needed a few things so we went shopping. First we went to Target. I was talking to my mom about some of the “critical” items I am missing from my apartment. First, my stove has been burning anything I put in it in under 6 minutes. So my mom suggested I put an oven thermometer in it and check the temperature. (When I put it in the oven later that night and turned the dial to 300 degrees, the thermometer went up to 600 degrees in 20 minutes. I was afraid the oven was going to explode so I turned it off. I think it’s broken!) Then I said “Man, I really need a new tea kettle.” Shawn and I were driving to our friend’s house a few weeks ago when we saw a house with a big sign outside that said FREE STUFF. I got two thermoses. They are awesome. They are brown plaid and they are totally retro. I seriously think they were made in the 70’s. One is small and one is large. They’re great! I use them all the time. I also got one of those insulated coffee carafes. It is light blue plastic on the outside and insulated aluminum on the inside. Since I got it, I have been making tea at home. It actually keeps the tea hot for almost an hour if you screw the lid down all the way. I also got Shawn hooked on drinking chai. It sucks to try to pour scalding hot boiling water from a pan. So when I told my mom Iwanted a tea kettle, I was actually trying to get one out of her for Christmas. To my suprise, she blurted, “Let’s get one now!” YEAH! It is really cool, white and black and very modern looking design. She also got me a replacement flourecent bulb to use in my new terrarium I am building.

 Then we went to Hobby Lobby and the shopping streak continued. I got pins, a thimble, an embroidery hoop, a hot glue gun, a fabric cutting board, a bodkin and t-pins. She also got me all the stuff I needed to finish my costume. I kept asking her for more stuff and whatever she didn’t buy me, she gave me from the house. I got her old steamer, so I can block my knitting, a really cute backpack with woodland animals on it I will use for backpacking and camping, an old vintage (70’s) knitting bag my mom used to use and I think she actually made it, and the most important thing of all, a book light. It is one of those little lights you clip on to your book so you can read in bed without turning the lights on. I have been hoping for one of those ever since I started knitting.  I like to knit in the car (it seems like such a waste to just sit there while I could be knitting), especially when we take our trips to the mountains. Nothing like trying to knit and 4 wheel at the same time! I’m suprised I haven’t poked my eye out yet. And since it is getting dark earlier and earlier with the winter coming, it seems I am stuck in a dark car without my knitting more often. No More! I clipped the light on to the visor and it shines down on to my lap. It is just bright enough I can see my needles but not too bright that it bothers Shawn while he is driving. Yea, now I can get in at least an extra couple of hours knitting a week. Sweet.

After I got home from the shopping spree, I went down to my mom’s basement to get a few craft thing for my costume when I discovered my mom’s yarn stash! She wanted to show me all the stuff she had down in the basement and when I saw the yarn and my eyes started popping out of my head. She told me if I organized it, I could take it! What a deal! I was going to do it at her house because she said she wanted to keep a little bit of it, but I ran out of time because the costume took FOREVER so I took it home and forgot to give some of it back. A brief history of the yarn drawer – when I was little I used to love to do crafts. It’s a little ironic that I like to knit now because I used to do crafts left and right when I was young. However, I never learned to knit. Now that I know how, I remember all the little things I did as a kid and think, “Wow that would be really cool to have all that stuff again!” I used to have a loom. I totally wish I had one now. So this yarn was the leftovers of the stuff I used when I was little. There were god’s eyes and little straws used to weave and a home made knitting knobby made from nails stuck in an old thread spool. Also, it is all acrylic and it is all REALLY bright colors and pretty ugly multis. So after I got it home, I started working on untangling and sorting it. I found these little cardboard organizers I used to use. They are ingenious. You just cut little slits in either end of the cardboard and wind the yarn around it. You can make a whole little row with 5-10 different slots per card. It took me the entire day on Saturday to get it all straightened out. I am so proud! 

Mom's Mystery Stash

Mom's Mystery Stash

 There was also a bunch of embroidery thread but I still haven’t gotten through all that yet. Embroidery was my main thing when I was little. I remember doing that more than anything else. There is a lot of thread left. So now, I feel like Christmas came early and I have enough stash yarn to make toys for everybody! I am totally set. Thanks mom!


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